1.  Browser : Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge
2. OS : Windows 8,10; OSX; iOS 10+; Android Nougat+

For all participants, the following particular details must be submitted to CHK Consultancy Sdn. Bhd. before the course commencement date.:    

       1. Full name    
      2. Designation    
      3. New NRIC / Passport no.    
      4. Email address    
      5. Phone no. / Mobile no.  
      6. SC Licence/ CMSRL no. 
       For administrator of participant    

       1. Company    
      2. Contact person    
      3. Email Address    
      4. Phone no.    
      5. Bussiness postal adress  
All online courses from CHK Consulatncy Sdn. Bhd. are hosted on www.openlearning.com and are accessed by paid-invited participants only. CHK Consultancy will send an enrolment email to each participant via the online platform before course commencement date only upon receiving full payment.   

Payment Details

1. Cheque made payable to "CHK CONSULTANCY SDN BHD".     
2. Bank in to MAYBANK A/C #. 557063320872     
3. Scan and email bank in slip to onlinecpe@chkconsultancy.com.my or WhatsApp to 0174187988

If you don't have the e-Learning account, you need to sign up first before joining the course. If you face any problem signing in , please contact our support team for assistance at onlinecpe@chkconsultancy.com.my.  We will respond within 24 hours.

You may also contact the following person:
Tel: +6017-4187988 (Ms Joanne)
Email: onlinecpe@chkconsultancy.com.my

1. Are CHK courses recognised or accredited ?
The accreditation (s), will be stated in the course overview.
2. How do I submit my SIDC CPE point / AICB CPD Hours / FiMM CPE points?
After you have completed the course and passed the test, you will be eligible for the points / hours. 

For SIDC CPE points & FiMM CPD points, you do not have to do anything except to ensure that your personal details such as full name and MyKad or passport number and issuing country are correct. CHK Consultancy Sdn Bhd will key in the details of the Licensed holders into the CPE Tracker System & FIS Tracker System . Please check SIDC CPE Tracker System and FIS tracker system 7 working days after the course is Completed.  If they have not, please contact us immediately. 

For AICB CPD hours, you are required to download the e-Certificate and submit it to the respective body for your points to be registered.

All participants MUST start the course within One month after the payment. You should complete the course within 10 days after login into the online platform. The payment is not refundable if you are unable to complete the course within 10 days. Another payment must be made if you would like to take the course again.

You must have completed the course, achieved the passing mark for the test and completed the evaluation form first.

The e-Certificate is automatically generated by the system based on the details you provide in your profile and cannot be changed.  Therefore, always ensure that your details are correct.

Please contact onlinecpe@chkconsultancy.com.my or call us at 017-4187988.

All courses are well structured with learning outcomes, relevent and logical flow. They are arranged in a modular hierarchy structure.
Within each module (chapter) are the content, resources and activities that will help students understand the subject. Content, resources and activities are added to pages within each module.

e-Certification, assessment, posting either text or image functionality are fully integrated in the online platform. This functionality will keep track the students progress instantly and effectively throughout the courses.